a girls' college, Daddy dear. Six friends dropped in to make fudge,

When I came in from laboratory this afternoon, I found a squirrel I've only just come and I'm not unpacked, but I can't wait to tell you Grier Asylum--I've had every chance in the world. Sometimes a

Please don't keep this letter, but burn it. Judy

We had a bishop this morning, and WHAT DO YOU THINK HE SAID? have the courage to say I didn't know, so I just miserably plumped

upholstered the top and moved it up against the window. It's just

but pass WELL. I have a scholarship to live up to.

I don't believe there's any bridging that gulf!

next month. I'm sorry if you're disappointed, but otherwise I don't

that it must be at the most six feet apart, but they were the longest